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Teachers, professors, lecturers, researchers, adjuncts, post docs, and other faculty can find fantastic employment career opportunities:



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Whether you are a Noble Prize winning professor or researcher or an entry level applicant, Chemistry Jobs at has professor, adjunct, research, post doc, administrative jobs at large universities, major research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, research medical centers, to smaller colleges and universities and community colleges and K-12.





Find the most qualified and diverse faculty, teachers, researchers, post docs, and administrative staff members by announcing your job openings on Academic Careers Online at Academic Careers Online is a global academic and research job site with job postings in the US, Canada, Europe, Australasia, and around the globe.


The fee to post a job for up to three full months is US$ 195. A one-month job posting is US$ 145. Both also include our Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant Email Alerts and an Employer Profile.

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Find great teaching jobs, education jobs, research jobs, and administrative jobs. Review all the current job openings on Chemistry Jobs  on Academic Careers Online  at Academic Careers Online is a global academic and research job site with job postings in the US, Canada, Europe, Australasia, and around the globe.


You can also set up an applicant account to receive email alerts when matching jobs are posted and you can post your resume for employers to review. No fee for applicants.

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